Watt/Flora/Sand Hill Cemetery


Wm. Michael Wilson


This is perhaps the oldest community graveyard in and around the Anna/Sand Hill area of Warren County. These names were taken from tombstones that were barely standing, knocked over, and in some cases buried just beneath the surface. Some tombstones are missing since earlier listings of the cemetery were published. This was a large cemetery for its day. In my estimation there are at least twice as many graves in the cemetery with just stone markers and no names. There have been some attempts by families who have ancestors buried there to maintain the area immediately where their ancestor is buried by constructing fences around some graves. For the most part this cemetery is about to be lost. Restoring this cemetery would be a great project for a community organization or a group like the Boy Scouts.

Alford, Laura b. Mar12, 1886 d. Sep 24, 1896

(Daughter of L.T. & M.E. Alford)

Basham (No tombstones, just 2 funeral markers that are unreadable, buried early 1900s)

Bratcher, Margaret J. b. Feb 7, 1832 d. Jan 23, 1883

(Wife of William Bratcher, mother of Lydia (Bratcher) Spinks)

Beck, H. C. b. Sep 7, 1885 d. Oct 31, 1886

(Son of B.W. & C.A. Beck)

Cown, Persiller P. b. May 12, 1857 d. Nov 8, 1885

Crabb, George b. Apr 18, 1772 d. June 1859
(In the 1850 Warren Co census he listed his profession as "poet" and was living in the
Henry Miller household. George was from Scotland. He is probably the grandfather of Alfred Leland Crabb, born January 22, 1884, who was a famous writer, teacher, and Dean at Western Kentucky University. He grew up in Warren County in and around the Plum Springs area.)

Davis, Gracie F.(No Dates,,,,tomestone broken,,buried with Sarah E.)

(Daughter of E. T. & T. F. Davis)

Davis, Sarah E. (No Dates,,,,tomestone broken)

(Daughter of E. T. & T. F. Davis)

F.E. b. 1821/4 (Sandstone marker no death date)

Flora, John b. Sept 30, 1859 d. Jan 2, 1942

Floyd, Enoch b. Feb 28, 1790 d. Sep 1846

Floyd, Susan b. Feb 7, 1793 d. Mar 28, 1858

(Wife of Enoch Floyd. In the 1850 Warren Co census and from Virginia.)

Floyd , Crittenton b. Dec 2, 1858 d. Oct 18 1880

Floyd , Gideon b. May 28, 1822 d. April 26, 1880

Floyd , Rhoda C. b. Sep 30, 1826 d. Mar 23, 1869 (Wife of Gideon Floyd)

(Gideon and Rhoda are in the 1850 Warren Co census)

Floyd, Marthy b. Mar 14, 1833 d. Sep 22, 1844

Floyd , R.C. b. June 2, 1801 d. Jan 8, 1856

Floyd , Sarah E. b. Nov 4, 1858 d. Mar 11, 1877

Flora, William b/d 1850

Grimes, Allie Belle b. Sep 1, 1893 d. June 13, 1894

(Daughter of James & L. E. Grimes)

Grimes, Otis b. Dec 11, 1891 d. June 14, 1894

(Son of James & L. E. Grimes)

Hall, Grace May b. Jan 21, 1880 d. Jan 24 1909

(Daughter of J.C.(sp ?) & Delilia Hall)

Hopper, Dusty Mona Died 38years old, no dates

(Wife of H. M. Hopper)

Hopper, Louisa J. b. Nov 7, 1836 d. Feb 22, 1890

(Wife of J. W. Hopper)

Hopper, Freddie Clifton b. Aug 1, 1907 d. Sept 8, 1907

Hopper, Gora E. b. July 15, 1879 d. Jan 5, 1959

Hopper, Jerry Cleveland b. Dec 11, 1887 d. Mar 20, 1928

Hopper, John W. b. Feb 3, 1832 d. June 22, 1898

(In the 1850 Edmonson Co census)

Hopper, Mary E. b. Nov 10, 1860 d. Mar 13, 1863

Hopper, Martha J. b. June 12, 1872 d. Apr 4, 1906

Hopper, Sally b. May 20, 1800 d. Apr 15, 1861

(In the 1850 Edmonson Co census and wife of James Hopper

Hopper, Silas W. b. May 27, 1868 d. May 28, 1965

Isbell, Bedford b. Jan 17, 1823 d. May 9, 1878

(In the 1850 Warren Co census and husband of F. Isbell and father of M.S. Isbell.)

Lee, Francis b. Feb 26, 1773 d. Feb 11, 1861

(In the 1850 Warren Co census living with Susan Floyd and was from Virginia.)

Miller, W. L. b. Dec 8, 1895 d. Oct 28 1900

(Son of T & M. E. Miller)

Runner, Adiline b. Sep 2, 1830 d. Nov 14, 1868

Runner, Mollie E/L b. Apr 11, 1861 d. Oct 25, 1865

Runner, Silas M. b. May 1833 d. May 30, 1863

(Father of Silas Marion Runner, wife of Robert H. Wilson)

Scroggin, Mary L. b. May 17, 1877 d. Apr 7, 1904

Simmons, A. H. b. Apr 12, 1858 d. Mar 9, 1941

Simmons, Nancy V. b. Dec 21, 1859 d. Feb 13, 1915

(Wife of A. H. Simmons)

Simmons, America J. b. Feb 1823 d. Mar 11, 1897 (America was a Watt)

(America was the wife of Roland Simmons)

Simmons, Roland b. May 18, 1813 d. Feb 6, 1896

(Father of John, Robert, Ann, and Granville Simmons. 1850 Edmonson County census)

Simmons, Tressie A. b. May 2, 1889 d. Mar 25, 1908

Sim, W. R (The only date on the tombstone is 1893).

Smith, Mary E. b. Apr 1, 1861 d. Nov 15, 1885

Spinks , Bedford b. Aug 2, 1832 d. May 4, 1862

(Son of John Spinks and Mahala Wilson, in the 1850 Warren Co census living with John Spinks. Father of John Henry and Josephine Spinks. Grandson of Thomas Spinks and Jonathan Wilson)

Spinks, Eliza A. b. Oct 11, 1879 d. Sep 20, 1887

Spinks , Pleasant J. b. July 12, 1842 d. Oct 11, 1940

Spinks , Lydia b. Dec 7, 1844 d. Oct 11, 1940 (Lydia was a Bratcher wife of Pleasant)
(Pleasant was the son of John Spinks and Mahala Wilson, in the 1850 Warren Co census living with John Spinks. Pleasant served with the Union Army during the Civil War, 52nd Ky Cavalry. Grandson of Thomas Spinks and Jonathan Wilson)

Spinks , Jas H/P - Tombstone broken,,no dates

(Jas is probably the son of Isaac Spinks who is listed in the 1850 Warren Co census).

Spinks , John Henry b. June 27, 1858 d. Feb 10, 1878

(Son of Bedford and Parthenia Elizabeth Schroader.)

M.S. (Sandstone marker,,,,possibly Mahala Spinks who was the daughter of Jonathan Wilson and the wife of John Spinks).

Stewart, John C. b. June 22, 1851 d. Mar 7, 1902

Stewart, Nancy M. AGE 82 d. Jan 19, 1929 (Mother of Jas. E. Stewart)

(Wife of John C. Stewart)

Watt, Barbia Elie b. Mar 7, 1870 d. Jan 30, 1883

Watt, John b. 1782 d. Feb 8, 1854

Watt, Elizabeth b. Jan 31, 1788 d. Aug 23, 1862 (Wife of John)

(In the 1850 Warren Co census, John born in Pennsylvania and Elizabeth was born in Maryland).

Watt, Rachel b. Dec 3, 1870 d. Sep 7, 1871

Watt, Serilda J. b. Dec 24, 1883 d. Aug 17, 1893

(Duaghter of F. W. & Polly Ann Watt)

Watt, Serilda J. b. Sep 1834 d. Apr 24, 1881

(Wife of D. W. Watt)

Watt, Serrildia b. Sep 1831 d. 1881

Young, Allen T. b. Dec 5, 1833 d. Mar 7, 1908

Young, E. E. b. July 11, 1837 d. Mar 18, 1909 (wife of Allen)

Young, Charles b. Oct 9, 1846 d. Apr 2, 1863

(Charles served in the Union Army, 12th Ky Cavalry Co D, during the Civil War)

Young, Harriet b. June 28, 1828 d. June 23, 1880

(wife of A. C. Young)

Young, Margret A. b. Oct 9, 1822 d. Nov 21, 1877

Young, Mary E. F. b. Apr 21, 1861 d. Sep 13, 1878

(Daughter of L.L. & M. A. Young)

Young, Mathew C. b. Nov 24, 1804 d. Sep 23, 1873

(In the 1850 Warren Co census)

J.W. (Sandstone marker,,,,possibly Jonathan Wilson who was born in 1785 in Montgomery County Virginia, and died in 1850,,,grave not far from Woodford Wilson).

Wilson, Woodford b. Dec 20, 1811 d. Jan 26, 1888

Wilson, Mariah b. Jan 18, 1807 d. May 19, 1859
(Woodford Wilson was the son of Jonathan Wilson and Rhoda Taylor of Montgomery County Virginia, Mariah was the first wife of Woodford and the daughter of Thomas Spinks. His second wife was Elizabeth Miller. He was the father of Granville W. Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Arrinda Wilson, William J. Wilson, Emeline Hester Wilson, Silas Wilson, Bluford N. Wilson, Louisa F. Wilson, Benjamin Wilson, Bedford M. Wilson, John A. Wilson, Newton E. Wilson, Albert Russel Wilson, Mary M. Wilson, Robert Wilson, Samual Wilson, and Eliza Wilson.